Wix is one of the most used web development platforms in the world, a popularity obtained thanks to the fact that it offers the possibility of creating websites for computers and mobile devices so easily that you don’t need prior development knowledge, that is to say; Any digital user is capable of learning to use it either through intuition or through a basic tutorial.

In addition to being very easy to use, Wix has a free model that allows you to access most of the tools you may need to create a basic website, except for some “premium” ones reserved for those who pay, so it becomes an ideal option for school projects or businesses with a low budget that want to start having a presence in the digital world and don’t have the budget to do so. However, what happens when it is no longer a student project or an entrepreneurship in its beginning? Does it still work or is migration to a more robust platform needed? The answer may disappoint you, although Wix is a good solution for those who do not have time or budget, it comes with an expiration date as its functions fall short of the space, positioning, and customization needs of medium, large or even small companies with vision.

Here are some of its main disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision before thinking about whether or not to invest in hiring professionals for the design and development of your next website:

  1. Absence of domain: The domain is your virtual address, it is the name to which your site responds, just as a house or building needs an address, the domain is the place that your site occupies in digital. By not having your own domain, you will go unnoticed and therefore your visits will decrease or even be null.
  2. Advertising everywhere: In the free versions and even in some of the paid ones, Wix uses your site to promote itself, so instead of having a site for your company, you will become a billboard.
  3. Slow loading time: Even in the paid plans you have limitations regarding the server space that you can buy, so sites with a large amount of content will not load or they will load slowly and with errors. The speed of a site is one of the fundamental points to take into account because your users will not interact with a site that does not load since they will consider it defective and on the other hand, Google considers slow loading as a big problem so it will penalize you by choosing not to show your site organically or even not allowing the realization of paid campaigns, and after all, is a site really good if no one can or know how to access it?
  4. Recurring payment obligation: As we mentioned before, you must make monthly payments if you want to access premium functions such as linking the e-commerce functionality, the possibility of Google Analytics integration, among others, so in the long term it may end up generating an even higher cost than having had develop the website in another platform where the initial value was higher but didn’t force you to be tied to any type of payment except for the domain and server of your choice.
  1. Limited access to the code: If you are considering Wix it probably is because you don’t have development knowledge, however, what you may know is about the custom functions for sites, options that Wix does not allow to implement, so unlike a site made on platforms such as WordPress, Magento or Vtex, what you do will not be scalable and the limit will no be in your imagination or the skills of the developer but in what is predefined by the tool.
  2. Migration impossibility: Related to the previous point, if the moment comes when you notice that your site has become too small compared to the functionalities that your business requires or that the server no longer supports it, everything previously worked on will be lost since Wix does not allow any type of migration.
  3. Few design possibilities: Although it is true that Wix has hundreds of design templates available, they are still templates, so it is likely that thousands of users have a site just like yours, additionally, once you choose your template it cannot be changed and you are forced to stay married to the initial design, a design that was not even custom made.
  4. Bad SEO score: If you still don’t know what SEO is, we invite you to read our previous article before continuing, if you already did so, keep on reading. Your site in Wix will never be able to have the desired relevance since Google does not index these types of pages well and if we add to these fact problems such as the slow speed of the site and a replicated code, we are condemned to dependence on advertising.

In conclusion, a site on Wix may seem like the best option at first glance, however, it is full of problems that in the long term will make you appreciate having had the correct advice from a design and development team that thinks about what you really need and not only what you want.

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