If you know about digital marketing, it is most likely that you have already come across this term on more than one occasion, however, do you know what it means and if you should apply its techniques? Here is everything you need to know if you are a beginner in this field!

SEO is an abbreviation of the term “Search Engine Optimization”, which, as its name indicates, consist of making improvements that allow your website to be attractive to search engines such as Google so that when a user makes a search related to your products or services, your website responds in one the first places, let’s remember that according to Google statistics for 2021, your CTR (percentage of people who click in your website) in the first position of the first page is 35% and drops drastically to 2% in only 10 positions, that means if you are not in the first 5 positions of the first page, you will not be seen and therefore, your website won’t be visited.

SEO is a technique, not an application or a tool, that is why we say that it is built and not bought, it is a long process where the results tend to begin to be seen in about 3 months from the start of the optimization and they depend on the amount of time and quality of content you generate.

With SEO, the objective is to position keywords that are previously defined concerning the products or services offered by the brand, in order to do that a cluster of around 15 main words or phrases is built and from there a whole content strategy that implies optimizations inside and outside the site with techniques that serve as guides (which we will explain in a future article) is made, however, they are not a map to guaranteed success since the strategy must be modified according to the brand and its context. Some of the main advantages of SEO techniques are:

  1. It does not have an expiration date: It is not expected for SEO techniques to disappear, but on the contrary, its techniques are always updating.
  2. It’s profitable: Compared to other methods like paid Adwords advertising, long-term SEO is profitable for high-search queries since there are no demands on how long a link can appear on the first positions of each keyword search.
  3. It has a huge market share: Around 80% of customers review the products and services on the website before purchasing.
  4. It generates qualified traffic: It guarantees that users who are entering your site are indeed interested in it because they made searches similar to what you offer.

In conclusion, SEO is one of the essential techniques to take into account on your website since as it happens with a physical store, a bakery can have newly remodeled store and the best desserts and prices, however, if it is located in a closed alley in the middle of a dangerous neighborhood, the clientele will decrease or even be non-existent, in the same way, a website can have relevant information or products and have a design thought from usability but if no users find it, then it doesn’t serve any good

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