2020 caused a huge impact on the world population, an impact that was evidenced in the way people studied, worked, buyed leisure items and satisfied basic necessities, interacted with others and even lived, an impact with a unifying factor: the absence of social contact that forced us to rethink life and its interactions through several scenes.

In this world in crisis where the transition to virtuality arrived without prior notice, hundreds of aspects had to be rethought, companies, universities, schools, restaurants that had been successfully offering their services in person (face to face) for decades, faced the uncertainty of a world mediated by screens and just like that, those who knew how to evolve survived, and those who did not, today are gone.

In this newly evolved world, new rules emerged and companies had to apply them themselves or through their digital marketing agencies to stay ahead, some of those main rules are:

  1. No to showcases, yes to websites: The website went from being an option to becoming a necessity, it became the center point of the entire strategy. Regardless of the source, the objective is to get people to visit the website in order to get more information, buy products, ask a question or learn more.
  2. Easy and intuitive? Yes, please!: By ceasing to be accessories in order to become the main channel, the websites had to become more user friendly through UX and UI (usability), and even more in a digital world that now included the older population, the one that preferred to make their purchases in person and became digital shoppers by obligation and not by choice, a population less familiar with the virtual world who required shorter and simpler processes.
  3. Speed as a commandment: Speed in the loading time of the websites because with so many options there was no longer time to wait, but also speed in the response time to requests because everything is expected for the same day and having to wait more than 3 hours for a response is unthinkable.
  4. Direct and real-time communication: Online chats and corporate WhatsApp have become a fundamental communication channel, since people could not go to a store and have advice from the staff, these 2 channels meet the need and provide the user with the attention that they expect and need.
  5. Multiplicity of channels: Social networks, websites, WhatsApp business, text messages and even books. Digital users became more demanding and began to consume their products and services more broadley, hoping to have a whole network of applications and channels through which to contact and be contacted.
  6. The art of highlighting: Finally, after months of closures and hundreds of bankruptcies, a new challenge emerged, companies began to migrate massively to digital, which made the competition become fierce and a new question was in the game: how do you continue to stand out in such a competitive world? The answer was simple, with strategy.

If we analyze all of the above carefully, we will be able to notice that it can all be summarized to strategy. Digital marketing strategies are always evolving with every client’s needs, making it clearer than ever that there is a need to have experts in the field. Let us not forget, being digital is no longer a plus, it is the minimum requirement and it is better to have the advice of experts.

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