The internet changed the way we do things, allowing us to purchase products and services with a single click, a model that became even more popular thanks to the pandemic when thousands of sellers had a lot of offer but no channels to make such products visible due to restrictions imposed by strict quarantines. It was then, at a time of great demand that digital platforms found the ideal solution to this break in the sales chain and having a digital channel for a brand ceased to be a “bonus” to become a necessity.

If you are new to this world and don’t know yet which is the most suitable platform to market your products and services, then this article can help you a lot. We will show you some of the advantages of selling through a website or doing it through Instagram, so you can decide according to your budget and needs, which one is right for your business, let’s start with the website:

  • Increase your sales: With a website you can be present 24 hours a day, allowing your customers to review your catalog of products or services at any time, this means that you will be able to generate sales or leads outside conventional hours and without additional costs.
  • You can handle all the details: Through your website you can sell without intermediaries or third parties, in addition, you can control your inventory, shipping logistics, and define the discounts you want to make; all the possibilities are in your hands to offer the experience you have in mind.
  • Anyone can find you: With a good SEO strategy you will be able to position your website in search engines through terms that people commonly use to find related products or services. This will make it possible for anyone on the web to find you and be interested in what you offer. Our recommendation is that you constantly optimize your content on the web.
  • Sell a place on your website: Earn additional income by placing ads on your website through tools like Google AdSense and Google AdWords. However, keep in mind that this could affect the experience that users have on your site.
  • Build trust: Having a website and keeping your content up to date will give you credibility, which will make people hesitate less to buy on your website and even recommend it, this will help you to reach more potential customers.

Did you know the benefits of having a website? It is definitely a great tool to publicize your products and services, however, it is not the only option to do so, now we will see the benefits of sales through Instagram.

  • Sells easily: Through tools like Instagram Shopping you can make sales by creating a product catalog that attracts your customers, in addition, you will be able to add product labels to your publications making them interactive, which will make it easier for you to make sales through this channel.
  • You will be discovered more quickly: You can create sponsored ads on Instagram that will allow you to reach more potential customers. The best part is that advertising within the platform is not expensive, however, the value of your investment will vary depending on the objective, the number of days of sponsorship, the ad format, among other variables.
  • Greater visibility without any investment: Use tools such as hashtags and geolocation. Hashtags will allow users to easily find your type of content, giving it greater visibility. On the other hand, geolocation will allow you to add your location to your publications, which will make your content better positioned and appear to people who live near to your physical store (if you had one).
  • Constantly update yourself: Through the stories, you can explain the characteristics, the operation, or the offers you have of your products. In addition, you can add a sticker so that users go specifically to that product and complete their purchase. This tool also allows you to leave relevant information about your business in the highlights, which will give them more confidence in what you offer.
  • Creating quality content is the key: In this social network you don’t need to create content exclusively about your product, but you can also address topics related to the interest of your clients. In addition, being such a visual network is the perfect showcase for your products or services to shine, attracting the attention of all of your potential customers, you can make your commercial communication memorable.

Have you already decided which is the ideal platform for you? Keep in mind that both are very useful tools to reach more potential clients, but that they also require perseverance and investment in order to give you satisfactory results. Our recommendation if you are in the beginning of your brand is to make your sales through Instagram, however, if you have a larger investment budget you will discover that a website is the best option for you because it will simplify the process for buyers and employees, saving costs and streamlining processes. If you still have some doubts and require personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

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