Would you like your brand to be memorable? Imagine getting people to associate it with positive emotions and making them want to recommend it to everyone they know, an ideal scenario for any brand and even more when it is just in its beginning!

In this article we will show you some key aspects that you need to know about how to communicate the ideals of your brand:

  1. Who is your target audience: One of the first steps in your brand creation is to investigate the profile of the people you want to talk to. For example, you can research their behaviors, lifestyle, hobbies, or even their aspirations.  When you create this target audience think about people: would it be a man, a woman, or would it have no gender? How old would he/she be? What places would he/she frequent? The more you get to know them better!

It should be clarified that although our product or service may have users of different ages and personalities, there will always be a segment more prone to buy it.

  • We love brands with purpose: A very decisive moment for your brand is establishing the brand’s purpose. Having a unique purpose will make your brand stand out and reach the right people. Have you already thought about the purpose of your brand?

Some ideas for purposes can be found in social projects such as the inclusion of ex-convicts or ex-combatants or environmental causes with the creation of sustainable brands. The important thing is that in everything  you do your purpose is noticed and that whatever you choose is aligned with your values.

  • What does your brand has to offer?: In order to make your brand attractive you have to promise people a series of benefits, for example: Being experts on a field of action, having characteristics that benefit customers or that the competition does not have, or offering particular services or products.

No matter which characteristic you choose, remember that the key is to promise only what your brand / product can achieve whether it is tangible or intangible. It is not necessary to have a dozen differentials, a single achievable differential is enough to create a whole communication strategy around it.

  • Define how you want your brand to look: Visual recognition is a powerful tool that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition. Make sure that in the construction of the visual identity the design is simple and easy to understand, this will make your brand versatile and memorable.

This visual aspect covers everything from the creation of the logo, the typography, colors, and type of images to be used on the different platforms.

  • How your brand communicates: The brand voice is responsible for reflecting aspects such as personality and attributes, for that reason, you must ensure that your brand voice adapts to your target audience. For example, if you have a young audience your brand cannot be formal, orient yourself more towards a friendly or outgoing voice.
  • Changes are not always good: Repeatedly changing aspects of the brand will only create inconsistency, causing your customers to get confused and even lose credibility in your brand. However, it should be clarified that a never changing brand can also be seen as negative, so it is advisable to make changes every 5 to 10 years to stay at the forefront without having to be inconsistent.
  • Look for inspiration: If you are stuck in any of the above points, it is time to search for inspiration. Find references that help you establish guidelines for what you want to see in your brand or brainstorm with your friends or partners, you never know what idea might come up.

In conclusion, do not forget that coherence and consistency are two key points in the construction of your brand since this will not only give confidence to your potential client but will also make them connect with the brand and keep interacting with it.

Finally, if after reading the previous points you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

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