Do you already have a digital strategy for your business? If the answer is no, you should keep in mind that this year it will be especially important, since there is a saturation of products without differentiation in the market, which implies that you will need to develop a brand strategy in order to be noticed.

If you have reached this far, you are probably interested in knowing how to create your strategy, so now we will  show you some of the trends that you should not lose sight of:

  1. Are you ready for a world without cookies?: Due to privacy measures taken by Apple and Google, advertising platforms such as Facebook have been affected since their automated algorithms aimed at sales and conversion were compromised.

 In 2022 first-party data will be important. These are data collected through campaigns, social networks, monitoring tools, among others. Therefore, living without cookies will make it more difficult to track the user in the marketing campaigns you develop.

  1. Quality content is a priority: Have you ever wondered how many results are there in Google for the products or services you offer? Surely the answer is thousands of results. For that reason, users are no longer just looking for answers to their questions, but for quality content, which means that you should consider making higher quality content even if it means reducing the quantity.
  2. Zero clicks results in Google: We know that you love to search through your phone or by voice command, this behavior pattern is changing the way the search engines are used. For this reason, there are featured snippets, which implies that it is no longer necessary to click on a website to obtain the information you are looking for. Now, this info appears at the top as soon as you do your search on Google.
  3. Omni-channel marketing: All the digital platforms that we use daily are increasingly interconnected. For example, technologies such as 5G will accentuate this change since it will allow us to work with heavier videos and images, this will make campaigns more visual and later, the video will be integrated into email marketing.
  4. Short videos are still the favorites: TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms today, a perfect space to create strategies based on a narrative model that will allow you to connect to the public through influencers, hashtags, challenges, or promote events.

These are some of the main trends in marketing for 2022, what do you think? Would you integrate them into your business model? Remember that you don’t have to own all these trends, focus on one to get results.

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